Urban chickens are everywhere now, but unfortunately qualified chicken sitters are hard to find.

If you’re going out of town, but don’t have anyone to watch your chickens while you are away, Pawprints is your answer. Don’t just find anyone who will do it.  Choose the best chicken care in Atlanta.  We are more than just chicken sitters, we will ensure your chickens are well cared for and productive while you are gone. We love to hang out with chickens and we would be glad to look after yours!

According to Pet Sitter International, chicken sitting is being offered by more and more sitters – usually by those who care for livestock.  However we realize that chickens are more and more common in the city, and people need quality sitters they can depend on.  With Pawprints, there’s no need to compromise and just find a sitter will do chickens – we specialize in chickens and we are really good at it.

So What Are The Best Reasons To Hire A Chicken Sitter?

Chickens can’t simply care for themselves, especially inside of a coop. When you’re gone, it can be as little as someone who will check on them just to make sure they don’t knock over their waterers. Or, quite simply to make sure someone is around in case of injury. The reasons aren’t much different than why you would have someone watch your cat or dog.

Why Do I Need A Chicken Sitter?

Depending on your flock’s housing, feeding and watering system, you may be able to load them up on the essentials and know they will be OK for a night or two. However, this option can have it’s problems. It’s still best to enlist a professional sitter to check on your flock once or twice per day, collect eggs, and to lock the coop door at dusk.

The primary difference between a flock of chickens and their furry, housebound counterparts is their portability—or lack thereof. Dogs and cats are often moved and boarded easily for a length of time in someone’s home (We do that!). Chickens, on the other hand, must remain in their home coop and enclosure while you’re away.

Atlanta's Best Urban Chicken Sitters

Chicken Sitting

Chicken Care Services:

  • We can visit one or two times per day depending on whether you want us to let your chickens outside during the day and usher them back in at night or if they just need one visit per day.
  • We will make sure they have fresh water
  • We will make sure they have fresh food
  • We will do any light coop maintenance.
  • We will also collect eggs each day for you
  • Daily checks for security breeches by predators
  • A quick visual inspection of each bird should be conducted to assess health or injury

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