Professional House Sitting From The Pawprints Professionals

House Sitter

Atlanta’s top residences trust us not only with their pets, but also with their houses! Pawprints house sitting services provides homeowners with the security of knowing their house will be cared for when they have to leave town. No more worrying about your house being a target or whether you lights are timed to look realistic. While you are gone, we move into your house and keep it occupied, clean and safe.

Just what do we do while in your house?

Occupy the House

The primary duty is to make the house not only look occupied but to physically be occupied. There are many timers and automated systems out there but nothing beats a physical presence. House sitters do more than just reside inside the house. Your Pawprints professional will also turn lights on and off at night, leave a car in the driveway and physically be seen outside the house periodically clearly showing that someone is home. Light timers and security systems can’t do all of that. Physical presence greatly deters any potential break-ins or vandalism that can occur when a home are thought to be empty.


Unless a separate pet sitter has been hired, any pets within the home are also the responsibility of the house sitter. This includes providing food, water, walks, poop scooping and litter box and cage cleaning while the owners are away. Pet-related duties include taking pets to the veterinarian as needed.


Pawprints professionals also care for both the indoor and outdoor plants. Depending on the length of service, this may be limited to simple regular watering or can include lawn mowing and pruning.


Pawprints house sitters will maintain the house and leave it in the condition in which they found it. This stops dust accumulation and that musty “empty home” smell. Coming home to a fresh house is a great feeling!

Miscellaneous Services

Pawprints house sitters also bring in the mail and newspaper on a daily basis so you don’t get an ugly pile of paper out front.  This is the number one sign thieves look for; even when lights are on and off. If needed, we can meet with and let in contractors or service personnel that have been scheduled by the owner.

Your home is your castle and Pawprints will ensure it stays that way!

Enjoy Your Vacation With Less Stress