Why Atlanta Knows That Pet Sitting With Pawprints is More Than Just Pet Sitting

At Pawprints Atlanta we consider ourselves providers of Peace of Mind.

The Pawprints Atlanta team is not a random pool of sitters like many companies in Atlanta. Lori Ann has been hands on since the first day over 20 years ago and remains hands on. You get a full company with experience and personalized service that you deserve.

If you’re looking for courteous, professional people who will love your pet and care for your home as much as you do (right down to wiping off paws and using that special little blanket your sweet pet likes to cozy up, you’ve come to right place). We know that great pet care begins and ends with great people. You can learn more about why Lori Ann and her staff are the perfect compassionate, nurturing, and conscientious pet lovers you need.

Finally Pawprints has arrived for the discriminating pet owner.

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Lori Ross

Going to work every day propelled me to search for my true passion. I grabbed a phone book and started thumbing through it trying to figure out what I truly liked. Before I knew it, I was working part time as a pet sitter. I really enjoyed the work. Now It’s full-time and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

From Lori Ann Ross

From my long working career, I have discovered the intersection of where my passion lies and the biggest need lies. I found that most pet care professionals are a hit or miss experience. However, there are those out there who’s homes and pets are too important to take a chance.  So I gave them a better choice. Now, most of my business consists of in-home pet care in the client’s own home. What was missing is a sitter who would treat your home like you would.

While we do small dogs in their own home, my focus is now on cat care. We have also expanded into urban chicken care! We don’t just stop in and check food and water. I will make multiple visits to your home to care for your pets or even stay the night. I provide fresh food and water and playtime for your pet. I will also look after your home by picking up newspapers, mail and packages. Alternating lights and watering plants. If needed, I will even run errands for my clients too.

Some clients like for their pets to stay in my home. I accept one family pet at a time so they will get the individual attention that they need. While the pet’s parents are on vacation, they will come live with us in our family home. My husband will take them on walks around the neighborhood, we will cook dinner and snuggle up with them on the couch and we will watch TV.

I like to build and nurture relationships with my clients. I really take the time to get to know them and they become part of the family. Some clients I have had for over 20 years. When they move locally, or even when their pets pass and they get new ones, they call me up and want me to continue to care for their pets.

It's My Passion